Rick's Finance Blog RSS Feed https://www.richardmartinifa.co.uk I'm Rick Martinifa, I work in finance, I write mostly on monetary theory, macro economics, property investments and my chihuahua Engelbert. German Producer Inflation https://www.richardmartinifa.co.uk/german-producer-inflation It's now at 30% and this does not look good for Europe's biggest manufacturer We need oil, or we grind to a halt https://www.richardmartinifa.co.uk/we-need-oil-without-it-we-grind-to-halt I am reading that Biden is going to release US oil from their reserves, about 10 days worth. Focus on urban redevelopment https://www.richardmartinifa.co.uk/focus-on-urban-redevelopment We are 2 years into one of the most significant changes in our property market. A cursory glance at house prices in London shows that clearly cities were hardest hit in terms of valuations over this period. The public's not worried about the economy https://www.richardmartinifa.co.uk/public-perception-interest-the-economy We are entering into a period of deep economic uncertainty, not that anyone really knows it. The 2022 Spring Statement https://www.richardmartinifa.co.uk/2022-spring-statement It's stagflation time at the end of the year, what did this do to avoid any of that? Answer, nothing. The UK cost of living crisis https://www.richardmartinifa.co.uk/uk-cost-of-living-crisis A great deal of news has been written over the last few months about the cost of living crisis and how that is going to play out over the next few years.